Plant Lists

Walker Farm 2018 Flower Lists Coming Soon!

Happy Spring! Here they are: Our new Plant Lists For 2017! Our specialty annual list is more exciting than ever bursting with the strange and the bizarre! We’re excited to offer you a delicious selection of succulents, coleus, fuchsias, salvias and tropical delights collected exclusively for your discerning gardening pleasure.

Our Certified Organic vegetable plant selections will include  125 heirloom tomato varieties, 57 hot peppers (including the Carolina Reaper, 1,500,000 Scoville units which is hotter than the Legendary Ghost Pepper, 1 million Scoville units, which is 4 times hotter than a Habanero!), 20 types of eggplant, 21 choices for lettuce, common and uncommon herbs, a variety of Asian and Hispanic vegetable selections, distinctive offerings from Seeds of Italy, High Mowing Organic Seeds, Botanical Interests, Renee’s, Johnny’s and Hart’s plus celeriac, shallot, ground husk cherry tomato starts and lots, lots more. We’re also loaded with blueberry bushes, raspberry plants, strawberry plants, rare dwarf conifers, obscure and common perennials, flowering shrubs, choice selections of trees, Walker Farm Blue Ribbon Plants, Proven Winners, New England’s best selection of annuals including verbena bonariensis, nicotiana mutabilis, emilia japonica, heliophila and lots, lots more there, too! Yes, we are plant crazy.

These files are in Adobe PDF format and require that you have an Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer system. It’s simple to download and install Adobe Reader. Why not get the plug-in now so your system can be up-to-date.

The Reader is available free from Adobe. adobe-reader-logo

Please remember these lists can be affected by germination rates, weather conditions and crop failures. The 2nd year perennials are ordered from various companies and have been confirmed as of date on report. However, this does not guarantee that all plants will show up at delivery. Sorry, we are not able to do mail-order sales.

All our vegetable plants are Certified Organically Grown.